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Well, it was inevitable.

When I first published my Top 50 Metal (and Quasi-Metal) Songs of the 1970s, reaction was pretty strong in a positive way. Readers appreciated the diversity of acts on the list beyond the usual and expected entries from genre heavyweights like Black Sabbath. Album cuts beyond the well-known hit singles were also well-represented, and overall it was just a lot of fun to put together and to read.

Of course, the listening and exploring never stops, and at some point while researching my four-part doom metal history series I realized there is a lot more old-school metal to be found out there still. I became especially interested in heavy music from beyond the Anglosphere, and came to appreciate a few more underground acts that did not get the kind of exposure back then that others did. The quality of those bands’ output is the biggest reason I wanted to expand my top 50 list by another 25 entries.

You’ll still find a number of well-known favorite bands in this expansion, but my hope is that you’ll discover a killer band from the same time period…just buried by time and dust. Enjoy part three!

Part 1, 51-26
Part 2, 25-1

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