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“It may be freezing out there, but the metal’s still HOT, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!” – Bobby Blitz’s greeting

It was one of those tours where both bands are of roughly equal stature and you aren’t sure who should be opening first.

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November 23rd, 2013 – Webster Hall, New York, NY

“I know it’s getting late…but here we are, here we are…” – “A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Part 6”

It was windy and below freezing on East 11th St, and yet there I was standing only a few yards from Ray Alder, who was enjoying a cigarette and finishing a call on his cell phone. Politeness dictated that I not interrupt, even if it was just to tell him to have a great show.

Neither he nor the rest of his band needed my encouragement. Fates Warning put on an impressive show of progressive metal on the strength of its first album of new material in nearly a decade.

For once, I wasn’t attending a show solo: a friend was joining me for his first proper metal concert, and he was blown away by the evening’s celebration of prog metal greatness. “I was in the zone from about…uh…30 seconds into the first song!” he exclaimed later.

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Monday, Feburary 2nd, 2014 – Stage 48, New York, NY

It was one of the most brutal winters in the tri-state area in recent memory, enough that Dark Tranquillity seemed to bring the weather with them from their Swedish homeland.

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Generation Records is a fine establishment indeed, specializing in metal and punk music. Serious vinyl junkies are especially fond of it–for pure selection, it’s almost impossible to beat. Loaded with vintage posters and artwork, as well as its selection of new vinyl, CDs, and DVDs make its ground floor impressive enough upon walk-in.

But as serious fans know, including Miss Awesome who introduced me to the store, the “real” Generation Records is downstairs.

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Concert Review: Saxon

September 2, 2013 — Leave a comment

“I’m as Irish as they come, but Saxon makes me wish I was British,” reads a Youtube comment for one of Saxon’s videos. For this smashingly British band, the North American tour gave them an excuse to release a tour edition shirt featuring the band logo behind a fully-armored knight carrying an American flag. Naturally, such a shirt became one of my possessions after this show, in which the noble knights of old rode down upon BB King’s Club in New York City.

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