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Last time in Part 1, we introduced the proverbial Big Four of doom metal. Though “big” is a word that certainly applies to their elite stature among the subgenre, it did not apply to their sales figures. Even Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, the Candlemass debut record that is often considered doom metal’s finest hour, was a commercial flop upon its 1986 release. Though it’s a phrase that originally applied to the Velvet Underground, I think it’s fair to say that “not many people heard those early albums, but everyone who did went out and started a band.”

One of those copies of Epicus reached Messiah Marcolin, who sang for a band called Mercy with a booming, intense, opera-like voice. He called Leif Edling in the middle of the night, sang him “Solitude” over the phone, and offered to sing for Candlemass. While dressed as a medieval monk.

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In these still-early days of My Dying Bride’s career, the term “gothic doom metal” was becoming a more apt description of the band. Not everyone could pull off heavy metal music with piano and violin.

Frontman Aaron Stainthorpe’s deep study of the British Romantic poets as well as his favorite bands like changed his life, granting him the ability to paint an atmosphere of despondency and gloom better than most.

My Dying Bride is a prolific group, and discovering where to start in their extensive catalog is a challenge. But you can’t go wrong with their 3rd studio effort here, Angel and the Dark River.

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