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I first started working on this series about four years ago. It has been through many revisions, rewrites, and re-visitations since then.

But here’s the thing: metal history doesn’t stop!

So let us consider this coverage of more “recent” events (since 2010 or so) as a bonus.

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As I drove through the parking lot of Nassau Coliseum, the bass riff of “Dawn Patrol” thundering at top volume, I kept thinking about what a great deal my ticket for this show was: $40 for three of the most legendary and successful metal bands of all time (Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax, and if Metallica been added to the bill, that price would have easily climbed to $150).

It was the 20th anniversary of the 1990 thrash masterworks “Rust In Peace” and “Seasons In The Abyss,” so both records would be performed straight through. I’ve always enjoyed that, as it’s like a giant listening party for the benefit of the especially eager fans. When you’ve taken the time to love every song on the record, it’s rewarding for you and the band, since you both get to hear and perform songs you usually don’t get to hear live.

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“If you released Reign In Blood today, no one would give a shit.” – Kerry King

I remember the first time I heard the tenth and final track on this album, on the Grand Theft Auto Vice City soundtrack. Just the title alone was so violent and intense that I wondered if I really “should” be listening to this: “Raining Blood.”

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With Jeff’s back to the camera, he held out his arms in a Christ-like pose, as though trying to embrace this entire crowd into his heart. He was a silhouette in the fading sun that had taken on a new meaning. Surreal.

It couldn’t have been planned…but it does make you want to pause the screen, and wonder.

Dead at 49. RIP.

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