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The Fallen – Lemmy Kilmister

December 29, 2015 — 1 Comment

I originally planned to take the rest of 2015 off from writing so I could plan Head of Metal’s 2016 year ahead.

But I cannot, and will not, avoid the death of yet another one of my favorite musicians. As saddened and pained as I am today at the news, I have to quite literally force myself to sit down and write for the first time with the knowledge that my buddies and I will never get to see another Motorhead show.

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Brooklyn band Type O Negative was emblematic of the gothic/doom metal subgenre and culture, and the face of that band was Peter Steele (real last name Ratajczyk). Standing a menacing 6’8”, Steele was an intense character who, as many musicians do, channeled his personal problems into his music as a means of overcoming–an overcoming that he shared with his fans. Throughout his life, Steele showed up onstage with a smile, a sense of self-deprecating humor, and his glass of red wine despite suffering from depression, suicidal tendencies, and even at one point being involuntarily committed by his own family.

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I was all set to write about this year’s Maryland Death Fest, but as usually happens in life, your plans tend to get changed by circumstances beyond your control. This piece seemed more timely due to H.R. Giger’s recent passing.

[i]”Only very creative and very insane people like my work.”[/i] – H.R. Giger

My dad remembers the special edition of Omni magazine that had a full spread about “Alien,” which had just come out (1979). At the time, Ridley Scott’s movie was heralded as a new era in sci-fi, and “the magazine of science fact and science fiction” was eager to get on board.

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With Jeff’s back to the camera, he held out his arms in a Christ-like pose, as though trying to embrace this entire crowd into his heart. He was a silhouette in the fading sun that had taken on a new meaning. Surreal.

It couldn’t have been planned…but it does make you want to pause the screen, and wonder.

Dead at 49. RIP.

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“NOOOO!!!!!” I yelled in despair as I saw the website headline: “Ronnie James Dio Passes Away From Stomach Cancer.”

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