Headofmetal.com has one goal: to be the most accessible, well-written heavy metal resource on the web.

Whether you are just curious about the music or are a passionate, long-time fan, I want to be your voice. Although there are other metal blogs out there (and there’s always Wikipedia, of course), they usually restrict themselves to one subgenre or can come off as extremely opinionated and elitist–which can be detrimental to new fans who are interested in the music.

HOM is here to kindly offer you my knowledgeable, friendly services.

When I first wrote a late-night post called “Heavy Metal Is Saving Society,” I generated some controversy. If you read the ensuing comments, you’ll see many of the common arguments and defenses about this type of music that some would even consider to be an identity.

We’ve got the passionate fans who will eloquently defend it (including yours truly, among others); we’ve got the people who sadly believe the dismissive stereotypes of metal as “angry music for serial killers”; we’ve got the usual debates over what is considered “metal” and what isn’t, and of course, which of the Big Four is the best.

You see, heavy metal has been raging onward for more than forty years, and there is a burgeoning bevy of resources available for both the hardcore fans and the uninitiated alike. For an introduction, I can’t recommend filmmaker Sam Dunn’s work enough; his documentary “Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey” is perhaps the definitive heavy metal documentary, and its follow-up, “Global Metal,” is just as good.

HOM is my effort to introduce you to the myriad forms of expressing…the heavy metal identity. Disclaimer–I like almost everything; you will almost never hear me talk smack about a band.

Heavy metal is an incredibly deep, diverse genre of music. If you’re willing to take a dive in, be prepared to experience a type of music that uplifts, pounds, thrashes, and grooves with passion and energy. Be prepared to see why heavy metal’s fans consider the music to be an identity, almost a religion. Be prepared to experience when so many others choose to miss out by covering their ears.

And now…let us begin.



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