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What’s this all about?

It’s about heavy metal music–its history, its achievements, and its stories.

So you like metal then? Enough to call yourself “Head of Metal?”

Yup. Greatest music on earth.


Because it gives people hope, something that is too easy to lose. Metal helps fill that gap between human longing and fulfillment.

Sounds intense.

Oh, you don’t have to be on a philosophical, soul-searching quest to enjoy heavy metal. It’s for everybody.


Everybody. It’s for Christians and atheists, liberals and conservatives, optimists and pessimists, rich and poor, Westerners and non-Westerners. But although everyone CAN like it, not everybody WILL like it.

Why is that?

Because it can challenge existing ideas of what music can sound like. Because it can come off as hostile and aggressive in its search for meaning. And in some cases, because people are told it’s bad for them, and they’ll choose to believe that rather than explore further. Implicitly and explicitly, I talk about those reasons in my writing–whether I’m talking about a record, a concert, or a story.

So what makes you different from other music critics?

I don’t really consider myself a critic, because the word is a negative to me. A lot of “critics” out there are very good writers but can suffer from the written equivalent of loving to hear themselves talk. They love to find creative ways of ripping bands apart for not meeting their own expectations.

And you’re better because…?

I’m better because my goal is to uplift the listener. You won’t find me writing “this band/album sucks” just to get people arguing on a comment thread or for clicks. You’ll find me writing that long-form piece that gets included in the booklet for the album’s 25th-anniversary deluxe re-issue on 3 CDs.

Is that why you have a “free email updates” form over there?

Yes. I give subscribers a special introduction whenever I release new writeups. I get to take you out of your world for a few minutes and into the world of metal.

That sounds scary.

No, it isn’t. A lot of other writers out there seem to never enjoy anything, shoving their negativity and pomposity down their reader’s throats, contributing to the reasons people avoid the music listed above. I’m not going to do that to you. There needs to be more positive coverage of metal and its culture.

You won’t?

I want readers to enjoy the music. Why would I want to keep it to myself?

Good point.

Thank you.

Anything else I should know?

At the bottom of my album reviews and book reviews, you will likely find an Amazon Associates link to the product I am reviewing. That’s an affiliate link, which means that if you read my review, click on that link and buy the music from there, I receive a small percentage of the purchase price.

I was inspired to add these because readers have told me that they have been inspired to buy new music after discovering it through my writing. The primary goal of this blog is not to make money, but this is just an option I wanted to provide that enhances the experience for my readers.

If you’re intrigued about heavy metal in any capacity, you’re in the right place. Hop in and swim around.




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  1. Excellent Website. I am inspired to go back and listen to the music, something old something new all connected here!

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